Non-Toxic Oil Painting

Demo Painting, done using “Zorn Palette”

Demo 10 x 9 inch oil painting using the Zorn Palette and water soluble oils.



Workshops in oil, watercolor, or pastel

              Two and three-day workshops will include at least:

             (One-day workshops will be tailored accordingly.)

A review of  materials, tools and their application. Effective use of reference photos, their benefits and limitations.

How to paint a simple scene with pleasing results, through application of values, color, and good composition.

Express and demonstrate color relationships to achieve certain effects.

Take your paintings to the next level through good design, composition, atmosphere, mood, and risk taking.

Demonstrate several techniques. Students will practice each technique, and work on paintings at their own pace.

I will show how to use software to modify reference photos, build your composition, and improve paintings.   I will show reference photos actually used and the final paintings.   An artist can learn and effectively use painting techniques, but it is the design, composition, and idea that make a successful painting.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to share what I have learned over many years of study and practice. “Think Paint”.

To Host a Workshop, please complete and submit form:

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